...... Friesencrew ...... WERLY (BEL) ............. + THE BLUDGEONING (BEL) + SUIT SIDE VS VEDA PLIGH (BEL)



has been existing in this line up in Liège (Belgium) since the end of summer 2014. It has been built on the ashes of Life Is Damage with members of them,Suit Side Vs Veda Plight,Hiatus, Unhinged, Skew Whiff, Trist, Twisted System, Visions of War, Lyris are The sound is decidedly punk with some crusty touches and somehow noisy.


Suit Side vs Veda Plight

is an anarcho-punk from band from hellgium since 2004. They started as 2piece band with drum machine and made their first tour in 2007 in France, then 2010 in France again. They recorded 3 at home 3 demos within this period. In january 2011 they went in Brazil touring, that's where they met Zorel. 3 Years after he came to Europe to tour with them on drums. And life goes on.


The Bludgeoning

An unholy union of Belgium’s rich history in metal and hardcore, with influences ranging from across their whole respective spectrums. A groovin mix of Swedish sounding death metal with crusty hardcore. Heavy, fast, dark.